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Hi! I'm Billie! 

I've been a maker all my life, historically as a costume maker and couturier (among many other hand crafts) but in the last few years I've fallen head-over heels in love with 3D Printing, and have helped moderate the largest 3D Printing communities on Reddit and Discord (among others).

I recently started a YouTube channel

where I post weekly interviews with cool makers, quick tutorials and project videos.

My work has been highlighted by...

 Hackspace Mag 


Cross Stitch Keycaps

Nov 2020



Workshop: Fusion 360 for beginners, Dec 2020

Article: CAD Design Tips, Nov 2020

Custom Toolpath Patterns in 3D Prints Oct 2020

Cross Stitch Keycaps

Aug 2020

Cross Stitch Keycaps

(Germany) Aug 2020

Panelist, Virtual MakerFaire

May 2020



Cross Stitch Keycaps
Aug 2020

CAD Design Poster
Jan 2020

Bed Leveling Poster
Jul 2019

 Cherry MX 


Cross Stitch Keycaps

Sep 2020

Here's some of my recent news from the blog...

Affiliations & Sponsorships 

In the interest of full transparency I keep a log of any financial/gift/benefit-type relationships I have with businesses here.

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