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GreenGate3D and I have partnered up to bring you this Billie Ruben's Cherry Pie! A beautiful 100% recycled PETG made in America from American materials. 


I have also designed a few things that you can buy through various services around the web. Here they all are!
I get a small cut of each purchase. :) 

I have made an array of posters relating to 3D printing, which can be downloaded for free in full resolution if you want to print them yourself, or you can support me making more by purchasing them via the links below:

I've also made some cute floral bondage prints that you can order on an array of products 

Including a fabric print, so you can make your own projects! It comes in 2 sizes:

Or if you want to ensure that I get a much higher cut, 
you can... 

Or, if you're short on cash, you can...

Regardless of what you do, thank you for supporting my dreams! 💙

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