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Thank you for the incredible feedback from the workshop! 😭💙

Thank you to everyone who joined my recent Fusion 360 workshop with Make Campus! And for the incredible feedback in the survey afterwards! There was just so much! Oh my gosh y'all had me tearing up! 💙💙💙 I've shared a couple of pieces below! I feel so chuffed. 😊😊


Overall rating of the workshop:

Billie is awesome!!! From what I have seen of her on her videos I had a feeling she would be a great instructor. I was so happy to be correct on this. I would definitely take more of her classes.


Thank you for arranging this workshop! This workshop from Billie Ruben was exactly what I needed to start learning about Fusion 360.


Billie did a fabulous job. Obviously right at home with both using the technology and working with/teaching technology novices.


I knew I was going to enjoy this course and learn a lot but I was blown away by the quality and how much material we covered. I hope to take more courses like this in the future.


Incredibly considerate, kind, and diplomatic. Very knowledgeable but also comfortable admitting when she didn't know the answer to something. Billie was exactly what I would want in an instructor and I am interested in exploring more courses through Make Campus if they are of the same caliber as Billie's.


Billie was excellent. The presentation was clear, stylish and well designed. Billie was enthusiastic and eager to help


I would take another class with her in a heartbeat.


Outstanding, Billie did a fantastic job moving through things, being clear, explaining things in an understandable manner, and juggling people with different rates of learning. I'd definitely take another class from her in the future!


Billie was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and engaging as a presenter. Her instructions were clear. Her teaching style was excited and patient. She answered every question in a way that did not make others feel embarrassed for asking. You could not ask for a better facilitator than Billie. I would highly recommend her classes in future.


Billie was a great facilitator/teacher. Spoke clear, with inflection and good pacing. Excellent! I would take anything Billie is instructing


Clearly knew her topic material and was extremely approachable. Was able to deal with a large variety of questions and knowledge levels at one time. Was well done and well planned and executed.


She was wonderfully bright and engaging. She smiled a lot and I loved the aussie accent.


Billie was awesome! She had a great plan, and good pacing for the project. Her bright personality kept me interested and engaged throughout.


I thought for a beginner class it was perfect. The material covered the basics without overwhelming and the tools were used multiple times to reinforce how they work. There is so much Fusion 360 can do and I find it can be complicated if you don't know where to start. This class gave me a good place to start and should allow me to progress. Doing chess pieces was an excellent idea. Great beginner project.


I think that, especially for an introductory course to Fusion360, Billie packed way more than most would have and that's a huge benefit to the student. The decision to use chess pieces to move through the lesson and introduce new tools was an excellent one and, should Billie decide to change the examples used in future courses, I hope she finds another example that marries the different concepts together as well. One moment that gave me the briefest pause of confusion was the context/gear shift between designing pieces with radial symmetry (the chess pieces) and her demonstration of making a simple box (at the very end.) Do not mistake this as criticism though! I really enjoyed that moment as it was followed with a rush of realization of how I might be able to apply the other techniques she showed us to this different style/paradigm of building a model.


Above and beyond. Having the slides available for reference on Billie's site during the session was surprisingly useful when I needed to quickly reference material we previously covered without disrupting the instructor mid-instruction for clarification.


It was a fantastic lesson for beginners. Even though I'd already invested a lot of time into the program, I'd learned several new things.


Many basic topics were covered. I liked that we built something in the software within the first 10-15mins. I appreciate that Billie even cited the Twitter thread used for input when planning the lecture.


I want to teach classes by Zoom myself and she provided a great example of what can be done.


I am so happy I took this class. I wish my wife had been home and could take it as well. She is a teacher and I think she could benefit from learning Fusion 360. I think I could work thought what we did in class with her to get her started. If I see this class taught again I will get her to take it.

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