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WORKSHOP UPCOMING: Fusion 360 for beginners with Make Campus

Late last year Make (of Make Magazine fame) opened their Make Campus, which aims to continue knowledge exchange while most Maker Faires are on hold around the globe. It connects people who know stuff with people who want to learn stuff, and they had me design and deliver one of their first ever workshops, a Fusion 360 course for beginners where we built ornaments for the festive season!

Now that the holidays are behind us I have shifted the content to chess pieces, because who hasn't been loving the Queen's Gambit? That said, the actual objects we are making aren't the focus; they're just an excuse to teach you all the basics of Fusion 360 so that afterwards you can go away and make your own designs! I got some incredible feedback after the last course, that totally warmed my heart!

"Awesome job with the class!!!! I feel 100% more confident tooling around in the software than before."

"Like that Billie was so obviously an expert and prepared but the projects were fun and doable."

"I was in the last class! It was super! Take this one, you won't regret it!!!" The class is delivered virtually, and is highly interactive. If you've been wanting to get into fusion for ages, but found it all a bit intimidating or confusing, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Everyone on the last session was in the same boat, and I was once too! Let's get you comfy with it. :)

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